Fire Halo™ is an affordable way to help protect your home from a bushfire threat...

Introducing the Fire Halo™

affordable and permanent

Fire Halo is an affordable and permanent tool for helping to protect buildings during a bushfire flying ember attack

SAFE AND easy to operatE

Instant and easily accessible when the need arises to help protect your home. No need to look for help engaging the device

timing is everything

Can be engaged in advance of the immediate ember threat, giving more time to prepare and clear other areas of the property

help the community

Reduces the pressure and workload of Fire Fighters when trying to save multiple properties and helps to protect neighbouring homes

water conscious

As water is a scarce commodity during a bush fire, when the Fire Halo is engaged, the water used is a fraction of what would be required to extinguish a burning property

future proofing

Remains part of the stormwater/drainage system. When gutters are flushed regularly, the Fire Halo helps to reduce dirt, leaves and plant buildup

not just for fire protection

The Fire Halo can also help keep your gutters clean, especially if you have Gutter Guard installed or live on a rural property. 

australian made and owned

The Fire Halo is Australian made and owned, completely patented and comes with a 5-year manufacturers warranty

About Us

Fire Halo Building Protection Pty Ltd is a family company from the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. We developed the Fire Halo™ following recent catastrophic bushfires when we noticed our neighbours up on their roof risking serious injury or worse, with hoses, sprinklers and clothing trying to fill and plug their gutters. 

Fire Halo™ makes it safer, faster and easier to help prepare your property from imminent or future bushfire events, while keeping your
gutters clear of debris.

The Fire Halo™ is fully patented and trademarked, as well as Australian Made. 

Our Vision

Here at Fire Halo Building Protection, our vision is to provide Australians with a safe and easy to use device that can help with protecting their properties from bushfire ember attacks, that we all experience on a yearly basis. 

80% of bushfire damage to properties in rural areas is caused by the ember attack and not the actual bushfire front – so we developed a device that aims to reduce the difference between the ember attack and direct front damage. 

Helping protect Australian homes is our priority so we engineered the device to be as easy as possible! 

Learn More

Want to learn more about the Fire Halo? Take a look at our FAQ page or contact one of our trusted distributors! 

How does it work?

More than just a fire protection device

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Fire Halo™

  • Conventional – installed onto a standard 90mm PVC downpipe.
  • Charged – installed onto a PVC tank feeder
    pipe which is connected to all downpipes.
  • All devices come with a standard hose fitting, while the charged types also include two 100/90mm PVC reducers.
  • FH150 Charged is also another option for 100mm PVC tank feeder pipes. 


If you are unsure, please call us on 

(02) 6352 1349.